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As site visits are no longer an option, the coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed how solar enterprises operate and interact as a society. Even the solar enterprises are attempting to adapt to digital selling in order to help their customers since the entire world has begun to Zoom and Hangout.

This blog post will go over some of the ways digital selling may strengthen your relationship with consumers and streamline the entire solar sales process. Now let’s talk!


Moving the sales process online will enable solar companies to operate tremendously efficiently. They might obtain back-to-back appointments, client follow-ups, and an advantage of windshield time if they spend a lot of time online as opposed to making appointments for in-person meetings. Since so many individuals are working from home these days, we can schedule more appointments per day by entirely eliminating travel time. Interested buyers can also schedule appointments at any time of the day that is convenient for them.

One of the well-known companies in the solar sector, G8solar, has made investments in an online booking platform that have facilitated communication between our clients and our solar experts. Any solar product may now be simply ordered online, and anyone in India can use this platform to place an order even during the COVID-19 issue.

Customer comfort

A survey indicated that the vast majority of solar customers are quite open to transferring appointments online, and digital order placement (selling or buying any solar product) is growing more and more popular, especially when Covid-19 hits. Many people are reluctant to let service members into their houses once COVID-19 has arrived because they feel under pressure to clean up the place. Therefore, due to their increased efficiency and comfort level for clients, virtual appointments will become a permanent shift to the solar sector in this scenario. With minimal effort on their part and without the bother of inviting guests into their homes, many homeowners and commercial property owners may now simply browse the website (for product buying assistance, quotation, arrange for an appointment, etc.).

Improved information sharing

With the advent of digital technology, solar experts can now share a wealth of important information with their clients via video conversations, including photos, movies, and other files, on their computers and mobile devices.

Professionals typically bring flipbooks and printed information to in-person briefings prior to COVID-19, even though consumers are no longer looking for these things. The customers have access to all the information they require thanks to being able to look at everything online and share professionally made movies of solar installations. This information is also readily available for them to revisit once our consultation is done.

Currently, a number of solar providers can hop on Zoom and show the homeowner pictures of the roof or electrical panel to explain why it has to be upgraded when everyone is at ease using online video technologies. This enables the business owners to proceed with the project’s subsequent steps.

The question that now arises is: Why are solar products more current than earlier Covid?

Families are in fact utilising more electronics at home during the lockdown because there are more lights, TVs, ACs, and other electronics on. Everyone is away at work, school, or camps, making the most of their available home energy. According to research, consumers used more electricity while they were at home than in years when COVID-19 was not in effect, which resulted in a rise in average residential electrical usage of 22%.

Final Word

Installing solar items is the most advised strategy to reduce your electricity bill and run your home’s energy more efficiently because COVID has made consumers anxious due to their high electricity rates. Additionally, during the Covid situation’s state of lockdown, you can purchase any solar equipment, including solar water heaters, solar lights, solar panels, and related goods, using an internet or digital media platform that is used by many solar companies.

Yes, the internet is a crucial route for connecting with your audience.